Sun-Dried Hatch Red Chile Peppers



The sun-dried red chile will be available the first week of December. Please check back with us. Thank You

Fresh sun-dried Hatch Red chile peppers used to create a red chile sauce to use on your favorite dishes such as enchiladas, posole, chile con carne, tamales, etc. Our Freshly Sun-Dried Hatch Red Chile Peppers are packaged in a 1lb bag, a 5lb box, a 10lb box and a 20lb box.

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Chile Fanatic’s Hatch red chile is hand-picked and sun-dried red chile from Hatch New Mexico. Please do not be alarmed if you chile comes with some dirt as it’s very natural since the chile is grown outside.  Wash under running water before preparing to get rid of any dirt.  The stem may or may not be removed before boiling but should definitely be removed before blending.

Dry Red chile can be used to make traditional New Mexican dishes like enchiladas, posole, huevos rancheros, tamales, chile con carne. This red chile sauce is delicious with a bowl of pinto beans. This great tasting red chile is perfect for beef, pork, chicken or fish and is bursting with flavor. You can also use it to add to anything where you would like a little extra spice and flavor.

Our New Mexico Hatch Red Chile Pods are packaged in 1lb, 5lb, 10lb, and 20lb bags. Our delicious Hatch red chile is essential to many New Mexican dishes. Once you’ve tasted our red chile from Soto Farms in Hatch NM. you’ll never be able to live without it.

Storage:  We recommend that you store in a dry cool place inside the box.

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